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Martin James Group

fearless futures

Fearless Family, Fearless Health, Fearless Diversity

The Martin James Network consists of 4 groups with a linked vision of changing futures. Our Group has a central connection which is Martin James Cockburn (Jim).

Our network is formed from a variety of organisations from charities to leading-edge technology brands. It consists of Antser, Martin James Group, TalkOut and our charity group, The Martin James Foundation. We range from start-ups to well-established brands that have been in business for over 15 years.

We deliver an empowered approach for our colleagues, customers and wider communities that is designed to improve human experience and connection. We strive to continually learn and adapt, this builds our resilience and consistently improves our impact.

Martin James Foundation is our charity group which helps children around the world


Antser are the go-to technology company providing smart social care solutions

what we stand for

Our Vision

A society in which every individual is valued and where all dreams can be realised without fear, limitation or prejudice

Our Mission

To improve social outcomes by reimagining what’s possible, and utilising disruptive technology and practice to unlock human potential

Our Values

We’re fearless pioneers with a social conscience. We behave in accordance with our 7C’s

We stand for mould breakers,  change makers and future shapers


We are Game Changers


We Always Ask Why


Its All About Working Together


We Are Bold And Brave


We Like To Be Frank


We Put A Big Arm Around It


We Own It With Passion

mjn central network leadership team

Meet our management team who help lead and grow our network

Paul Putman
Daniel Croft
Richard Morcombe
UK Fire Training
Jim Cockburn
Jim Cockburn
Executive Chairman

Jim qualified as a social worker in the 1970s and went on to establish numerous, successful businesses over the past 25 years ranging from social care to restaurants and artificial intelligence.  Between them, these companies have employed thousands of individuals in the UK and across the world.

Martin James Network
Ayyab Cockburn
Ayyab Cockburn
Group Chief Operating Officer

Ayyab is a champion of change and has dedicated her career to project management and change roles. She leads the Martin James Network change agenda and is passionate about creating a progressive working environment. Ayyab believes in the power of connection and strives for all the businesses within the Martin James Network to work together to disrupt markets and deliver leading edge innovation.

Martin James Network
Greg Hartigan
Greg Hartigan
Managing Director

Caseflowhr comprises two companies (one specialising in the automation of employment law and the other specialising in personal resilience). Greg has 30 years’ experience in HR/employment law having worked across a range of industries and sectors. In that regard, he wants to simplify the law for the end user through IT solutions. He also has a personal history which lends itself to helping other people develop emotional and psychological resilience for their careers and relationships. Greg loves being part of the Martin James Group because “of the incredible talent and support, as well as the serious commitment to creative entrepreneurialism”.

Patricia Lewis
Patricia Lewis
Tax Department Manager

Pat manages the Intellect Tax Team –the Team provide FosterTalk members with a free Tax, National Insurance and Benefits helpline whilst also preparing and filing over 3,000 self-assessment tax returns a year for Foster carers.

She worked as an accountancy practitioner in UK practice for 30 years before joining the Intellect team and enjoys applying her expertise to a rapidly developing business

They are passionate about providing Foster carers with prompt advice regarding their finances whilst also ensuring carers are getting the correct benefit entitlements. Many foster carers are terrified by the issues of tax and benefits –we provide a simple solution to their worries

In an age of increasing reliance on digitalisation, her team continues to demonstrate the importance of the personal touch for clients when dealing with tax and associated matters. Pat looks forward to guiding her team to increased growth over the coming years.

Intellect Business Services
Loubna Bouarfa
Loubna Bouarfa
CEO and Founder

Loubna Bouarfa is the founder and CEO of OKRA Technologies. Loubna grew up in Meknes, Morocco before studying at the University of Technology in Delft in electrical engineering, specialising in statistical signal processing. In 2007, she undertook a PhD applying Machine Learning to predict surgical workflow and detect anomalies in real time, applying her research directly to surgical operating, predicting error and improving workflows. Over the course of her PhD, Loubna discovered that AI provides a strong framework for evidence-based medicine, using data to improve outcomes directly in the real-world environment outside of clinical trials and widely used controlled healthcare studies.

Previously to founding OKRA Loubna worked in academic settings, a start-up and consulted for different Pharmaceutical vendors. Loubna holds several advisory positions, is a member of the EU High-Level Expert Group on AI, and was named a Forbes 2018 Top Woman in Tech.

In 2017, Loubna was recognised by MIT Technology as an Innovator under 35. In January 2018, she was among the finalists for the award of the entrepreneur of the Year by Women in IT and was selected as one of Forbes Top 50 Women in Technology.

Mark Shrimpton
Mark Shrimpton
Group Chief People Director

Mark joined the Martin James Network as Group People Director in August 2019 with over 20 years experience in HR across many different industries. Mark is passionate about driving and continuously improving engagement and diversity across the business. Mark is at the forefront of new and progressive people approaches which reflect and support the company values and the entrepreneurial and innovative approach of the Group. Outside of work, Mark’s married with 2 children (a girl and a boy) and has lived in Birmingham for most of his life.

Martin James Network
Steve Jacques
Steve Jacques
Group Chief Executive Officer

Steve is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer of Key Assets (Europe & USA).  Key Assets (Europe & USA) provides social services to children, families and communities commissioned by government child protection services in Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Finland and the USA.

Steve qualified as a social worker in 1995 and has developed extensive practice and business experience in the design, delivery and oversight of children and family social services across international jurisdictions as a lead manager and as an independent consultant.

Steve, as a volunteer, has served as Expert Advisor to the STARS Foundation (UK) and is a Director of the National LGBT Foundation (Ireland).  In 2018 he was listed in the Google/Deloitte (Asia Pacific) top 50 LGBT+ executives list and the Financial Times (UK) Outstanding Top 100 LGBT+ Executives list, ranking at number 4.  Steve is passionate about supporting others to achieve their potential at work and in life!

Steve says,‘being part of the Martin James Group is exciting because I get to work with outstanding people, across the world, who are purpose driven, fun and who want to make the world better for vulnerable children and families.’

Key Assets

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